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Our Mission


Pavement Contracting Services is a leader in providing value-added construction services to our customers by creating a successful partnership with them throughout the construction process. Our pledge is to establish lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance by every member our team.


We strive to implement a long-term relationship with our clients, based on safety quality and on-time performance. To help fulfill this mission, we treat all employees fairly and involve them in the quality improvement process to ensure responsiveness and cost-effective work execution.

Services include: 


  • Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation (CPR)

  • Concrete Joint Sealing

  • Asphalt Crack Sealing

  • Concrete Pavement Patching and repairs

  • Asphalt Concrete Sawing

  • Full Depth Saw Cutting

  • Vacuum Sweeping and Rental

  • Concrete and Asphalt Sawing to 22” Pavement Depth

  • Polymerized Joint Adhesive

  • Vacuum Sweeper Rental    

  • Core Drilling

  • Wall Sawing

  • Brokk Robotic Demolition  

  • Concrete X-Ray and GPR 

  • Curb Sawing


Pavement Contracting Services, Inc. has completed several major full and partial depth concrete pavement repair projects. These projects involve isolated slab replacement and / or partial depth spall repairs. We have completed projects at major airports and the D.O.T.'s throughout the eastern United States. Note worthy projects include fast track emergency repairs on the runway at Andrews Air-Force Base, large scale spall repair project at the Norfolk International Airport and repairs at several Air National Guard facilities. All projects involved critical coordination with airport operations to minimize the impact to flight schedules.

 Joint and Crack Sealing

Pavement Contracting Services, Inc. successfully completes millions of linear feet of joint and crack sealing contracts annually on airports and on highways as both the prime and sub-contractor. We specialize in the installation of compression seal, silicone, jet fuel resistant and hot poured joint and crack sealants.  We install compression seal and have successfully completed projects on all four runways at Dulles International Airport and for many state D.O.T.'s. Some more notable projects include jobs in excess of 500,000 linear feet of sealant installed for MWAA, Maryland SHA, DELDOT, SCDOT, NCDOT, and Alabama D.O.T.  Pavement is our specialty and we have the equipment and experienced personnel to complete both large and small projects on time.

Green Sawing

We are extremely proud to list some of the largest concrete paving companies in the United States that have contracted us to cover large scale green sawing on concrete paving projects. Below is a list of some of these companies. We would be happy to provide a reference from any of the following concrete paving contractors.

  • McCarthy Improvement

  • Archer Western

  • Tutor Perini

  • Cherry Hill Construction

  • Lane Construction

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